Feminism in a Post-Truth Era 12 February 2020

Feminism in a Post-Truth Era 12 February 2020

Here, Betty McLellan discusses the theme of Post-truth and implores feminists and others to reject the current trend toward the normalising of lies, half-truths and misinformation. She says: “To move away from having truth as a shared imperative is a deadly serious proposition” and calls for the restoration of sanity and justice in political decision-making.

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2 thoughts on “Feminism in a Post-Truth Era 12 February 2020

  1. Wow and thank you Betty, you have exposed the long journey of this current ideology, as a backlash; another process to support patriarchy’s very long and well established agenda of privileging men above any ethical, moral and human rights. Pretending at the same time to be a saviour and a hero! What a wonderful feminist analysis.

  2. A clear analysis Betty of what many prefer to think of as a subject that is too complex, when thinking this way only supports the ‘post truth’, ‘post modern’ trajectory. I too feel the need to respond by revisiting, reminding and reinvigorating the truths of insightful feminist women before us to speak to the moment. It’s amazing the resistance toward this at universities, who demand that we students and researchers continue to focus on the trajectory spewing out from the post modernist muddlers. The corrosive affect of post truth and post modernism is insidiously not just manifesting here and there but taking hold in all quarters, left, right, the supposed center. I feel alarmed but take stock in the clear analyses and the ruddered sense of purpose that radical women tirelessly persist in the face of knee jerk, short term, seemingly self serving prejudices. Thank you Betty.

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