Yet Another Challenge – 1 August 2017

Yet Another Challenge - 1 August 2017

This is the first podcast in the series: Radical Feminist Reflections. Here, Betty McLellan focuses on what the election of Donald Trump means for women the world over, and discusses the need for radical feminists to review and reinvigorate their feminist analysis and activism. It is an absolute necessity, she says, that feminists remain informed and relevant in today’s dark times.

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9 thoughts on “Yet Another Challenge – 1 August 2017

  1. What a brilliant rallying cry Betty. You have most certainly captured the moment and the questions you pose of asking what the ‘radical’, in radical feminism, means and how to broaden and determine alliances are exciting. I look forward to your future podcasts. Thank you.

  2. Hi Betty, thank you so much for your podcast. I really liked your thoughts on sustaining and intensifying our radical movement.I also agree about the importance of working with others and creating strong alliances. At a time when there seems to be so much division among different feminisms it seems to me vital that we focus on our common concerns rather than that which divides us. Obviously it is important, as you say, to stay true to our own political analysis and ethics and not compromise, but I also believe that we can find common ground to work together. Really looking forward to future podcasts

  3. Thanks Betty for continuing to inspire and give much needed energy to those of us who have become jaded by the long fight for justice and equality. I look forward to the next podcast.

  4. Very inspiring Betty. I was in the USA when Trump was voted in and I was so disappointed in this, I couldn’t wait to leave. I can’t believe that the USA went from Obama to Trump; what a step backwards for women and other minorities that are already oppressed.

  5. Thank you Betty. Your podcast was very inspiring and as always conveyed a positive we can do it feeling. I very much enjoyed listening to what you had to say.

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