Summit Program

International Feminist Summit

“Women of Ideas: Feminist Thinking for a New Era”

17 – 20 July 2007 – Townsville Australia

The Organising Collective reserves the right to amend the program or to substitute speakers as circumstances dictate.


Tuesday 17 July, from 5pm – at the Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre (prior to the Civic Reception).

Summit Opening
Tuesday 17 July, 6pm to 8pm – Civic Reception and Welcome at the Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre, Reef HQ Complex, 68 Flinders Street East.

Daily Program
Wednesday to Friday, 18-20 July, 9am to 5pm at Southbank Convention Centre, Palmer Street, South Townsville.
(Registration desk will open at 8.30am.)

Each day will consist of two sessions: 9am to 12.30pm and 1.45pm to 5pm, making a total of six sessions for the Summit. Each session will feature highly regarded keynote speakers from Australia and Overseas as well as contributions from Summit participants.

Summit Format
Please note that the format of this Summit will differ somewhat from most conferences. In particular, while there will be ample opportunity for participation, this will not take the form of the usual concurrent sessions. Rather, all presentations will be made to the whole assembly. For this reason, time allocated for each presentation is relatively short and the emphasis will be on clarity and conciseness.

The program consists of:

– Keynote Sessions
Invited Speakers will address the six key themes of the Summit –

. Militarism and Violence
. Identity and Citizenship
. Sexual Exploitation
. Globalisation
. Ethics and Power
. 21st Century Activism

– Point of View
Five-minute presentations intended to be succinct opinion pieces. This is an opportunity for presenters to be dynamic, creative, passionate and focused.

– Short Papers
Ten-minute papers intended to allow for the development of ideas and arguments on any area of feminist thought and activism related to the themes of the summit.

– Thinking Aloud
A unique, alternative opportunity to present ideas. Rather than presenting prepared input, selected participants will engage with keynote speakers in an interactive exchange around issues raised by the Moderator.

Summit Dinner
On Thursday 19 July, from 7pm, the Dinner will be held at the Summit venue (Southbank Convention Centre). After dinner, Australian feminist cartoonist Judy Horacek will give her Keynote presentation on 21st Century Activism.

Summit Closing
On Friday 20 July, from 4pm to 5pm, the Summit will conclude with a Panel involving all keynote speakers. Prepare to be inspired and challenged as we move forward into a new era of feminist resistance and activism.