What is it about men? – 9 February 2018

What is it about men? - 9 February 2018

The #metoo campaign is enabling courageous women to speak out about the sexual harassment and abuse they have been subjected to in the course of their lives. Such courage is supported by radical feminists who have worked long and hard to break the silence around men’s sexual abuse of women. This podcast urges feminists, other women, and men of goodwill to see this as an opportunity to call for structural change as well as individual change. Individual perpetrators must change their behaviour, of course, but the unequal and unjust way that society is structured under patriarchy must also change.

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3 thoughts on “What is it about men? – 9 February 2018

  1. Hi Betty,
    Your discussion of the need for structural change to make society fair for women and men makes so much sense! This work should be published widely to make people think about their position (rights and responsibilities) in society. It needs to start with the individual for the masses to follow;)

  2. This is so true and just based on common sense. Why cant society see and hear what is really going on? Why cant men see how they can become agents of change? Why cant men learn and grow?
    Well said Betty!

  3. What the HELL is WRONG with MEN?
    By Elaine Charkowski
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    MALE VIOLENCE is the worst problem in the world.

    Where are the billions of dollars for independent studies (done by female – only researchers) for funding universities, think tanks and medical foundations to determine once and for all :

    WHAT the HELL is WRONG with MEN??!!

    Why aren’t men’s legal mass serial killing sprees (war) and millions of men dressing alike (uniforms) and walking in unison like robots (marching) ever questioned?

    How about men’s sadistic billion dollar porn industry in which women are degraded, tortured and even murdered?

    And men’s torture of animals in factory farms and for sadistic amusement such as bull fighting, dog fights, cock fights, fox hunting and “sport” “hunting”?

    Why do men, in every era and in every society rape and murder women and children?

    Why is this deMENted behavior not universally questioned?

    I’d love to see a global summit of professional women meet and focus on this one issue!

    How about wealthy women funding this summit? How about having it in Sweden?

    This question has been danced around for the last 6,000 years of so called “civilization” and for uncounted previous millennia!

    How about the Centers for Disease Control framing MALE VIOLENCE as a DISEASE and a GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS and naming MEN as the VECTORS?
    The global military budget of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR should be enough to prove the costs and social disruption of MALE VIOLENCE!

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