** Writing our Foremothers into the Present **

Since writing my most recent book in which I focus on my grandmother’s life – Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother: a Psychological Biography – many people have told me stories about their own mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and other influential women in their lives. I love hearing stories of strong women whose efforts to make a good life for themselves and those around them, often against incredible odds, have been taken for granted and their stories ignored.

It is time their stories were told!

I invite you – whoever you are and wherever you live – to put fingers to keyboards and write a story to submit for publication on our “foremothers” page. The subject of your piece can be any woman who you consider has had a positive influence on you, someone you admire, a mentor perhaps, a feminist from history whose writing speaks to you in transformative ways, your own mother or grandmother.

Betty McLellan    


  1. Length: Your story should be up to 1000 words in length. [It doesn’t matter how short it is, but must not exceed 1000 words.]
  2. Tone: It must be a positive story – because the purpose of this page is to CELEBRATE women.
  3. Acceptance: Offerings that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be accepted for publication.
  4. Editing: If necessary, there will be some minimal editing – to enhance clarity, to correct typos, etc.
  5. Photo: Please provide a photograph of your subject (if one is available), to be included with your article on the website.
  6. Submit: Please submit your story here.
  7. Enquiries: If you have an inquiry prior to submitting your piece, please contact me.



Our mother, Frances Jean Patton – by Bronwyn Patton and Wendy Patton

Great-aunt Gertrude – by Jennie Burrows

My grandmother, Mill – by Susan Hawthorne

A Remarkably Brave Woman – by Tahlia Briggs

Feminist Firebrand: Elizabeth Cady Stanton – by Betty McLellan

A Woman who has inspired me – by Gerry Polovich

Servitude or Freedom?: Marilyn French – by Pauline Woodbridge